Hotmail Users Report Blank Inboxes

"The ring of the new year has come with an unpleasant surprise for some users of Microsoft's Hotmail service. According to multiple postings on Microsoft's official support forum for Windows Live, a number of users are reporting that their entire Hotmail accounts have been completely deleted without warning." | more

Microsoft to improve Hotmail security

Fed up with the hacks

Software giant Microsoft has said that it will improve Windows Live Hotmail in a new upgrade. Amongst the cunning plan is to link a user's account to a specific PC which will stop them being hijaked.

Hotmail Breached; Microsoft Investigates

Microsoft said that it is investigating a security snafu at its Hotmail property that occurred earlier this week. Some Hotmail users report that, upon logging into their account, they would see the inbox that belonged to someone else.

Microsoft quickly issued a statement: "Microsoft is investigating reports of a limited number of instances in which Windows Live customers may have access to other customers' accounts when accessing their account through mobile web browser.

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