Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Sells... One Million Copies

Quantic Dream's "adult" quick-time-tastic adventure thriller Heavy Rain has now sold over one million copies, publisher Sony has announced on the PlayStation.Blog.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive was released in North America on February 23. The first 'Heavy Rain Chronicle' downloadable content episode 'Taxidermist' was released to all and sundry on April 1 for $4.99, having previously been given free to pre-orderers. As well as further Chronicles, support for the PlayStation Move controller is in the works.

Heavy Rain has naked woman flaw

Fortunately it is Madison Page

There is a glitch in Heavy Rain which results in your somewhat attractive Madison Page character ending up all naked. Players of the game will be aware that Madison gets her kit off in a shower scene anyway, but apparently there is a bonus glitch where she ends up in full frontal goodness.

According to Kotatu the nudity appears if you do the following convoluted things.

Following the love scene between Ethan and Madison in "On The Loose", you have to decline a snog.

Heavy Rain

"When it comes to big budget releases, majority of those titles fall within the realm of action games, role-playing games and online shooters. While there have been titles here and there that broke the mold, none of them have been out there like Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain. The French developer is best known for their cult-favorite Indigo Prophecy, which released back in 2005 for PS2, Xbox and PC platforms. Just like that title, Heavy Rain is a very story-driven experience that makes you question one’s choices and decisions within the virtual world created by the developer.

Heavy Rain: destined to fail

Heavy Rain is the type of game that we claim to want more of: story-driven, high-concept, and emotionally affecting. We have played a lengthy demo for a preview, and have the final copy in our office right now, but have yet to tackle the final code as we approach the title's release on February 23. What we know about the game however, from interviews and our own hands-on time, leads us to believe that the title has a very rough time ahead of it both critically and at retail.

In many ways, Heavy Rain seems nearly designed to fail.

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