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AACS and HDMI Kill Off Component Video

"Digital HD (high definition), like that enabled through HDMI and Blu-ray, is awesome. It offers amazing picture and audio quality. It allows you to conveniently connect one single cable to provide both picture and sound. It is royally going to screw up a lot of homes next year. Wait, what was that last part?

After December 31, 2010, manufacturers will not be "allowed" introduce new hardware with component video outputs supplying more than an SD resolution (480i or 576i).

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These video cards are based on the RV730 core which is built on the 55 nanometer manufacturing process and has 514 million transistors. Both of the PCI-E video card products has a core speed of 750MHz and the 1GB of DDR3 128 bit memory is 1700MHz. The AGP product is the same but with a slightly faster memory speed of 1746MHz. Watch the video to find out more...









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