Grand Theft Auto

Yes, it's misogynistic and violent, but I still admire Grand Theft Auto

"You can rescue one whose car has broken down, spy on another having sex with her boyfriend while she checks her phone, and, of course, visit the obligatory strip club and "make it rain" bank notes. There aren't any female characters to root for, be impressed by, or even fall in love with. It was the same in the last game: women were there to nag you, or be bribed – whether with fancy dinners or cold, hard cash – into having sex with you. Women are GTA's wallpaper..."

Planes, bicycles and automobiles, Grand Theft Auto 5 looking good in these 3 screenshots

"Rockstar Games has been pretty tight lipped about releasing any information or media on Grand Theft Auto V. Luckily, it looks like some screenshots were able to escape high security and find some transportation. Three shots, showing off some what I can only assume to be three transportation classes -- bicycle-naut, car-mancer, and aeroplane-gineer -- have been release for your gratification. Err, that or Rockstar just wants to show off how you'll get around in GTA V, not to mention how great the game is looking."

Mom calls cops for help with son's gaming addiction

A 14-year-old boy's mother had enough with her son's gaming over the weekend. After turning off the console hoping he would stop gaming, she called police to ask for their help in solving her son's "addiction."

According to the story first reported in the Boston Herald, Angela Mejia had enough with her son's gaming when she found him playing Grand Theft Auto at 2:30 a.m. She told him to go to sleep, but he refused.

"Sometimes I want to run away, too," Mejia told the Boston Herald. "I have support from my church, but I'm alone. I want to help my son, but I can't find a way."

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