Google Instant

The always innovative Google is at it again and this time they do it instantly! Give it a try

Google shut out in China

"New state backed rival

The chances of the search outfit Google in China getting the sort of market share it enjoys in the rest of the world has suddenly become more remote after the Government backed Xinhua News Agency said it will launch its own search engine.

Micro Drones for Google?

German publication Wirtschaftswoche (“Economy Week”) says that German manufacturer Microdrones has delivered a cam-equipped flying mini drone to Google. Microdrones boss Mr. Juerss is quoted as saying “We have good chances for a long term business relationship with Google” (is he just overly optimistic? Google wasn’t available for comment to the magazine).

Google and Verizon divide the web between them

That is the end of neutrality then
Google and Verizon are close to a deal that would allow Verizon to prioritise Web traffic if the content’s creators pay for it.

The deal could eventually lead to higher charges for Internet users and end net neutrality. The move is a huge win for the US carriers, which have long maintained that they should have the right to provide tiered services.

Google Multiple Account Sign-In: Why It Matters

Google is rolling out a new feature which enables users to be logged in to multiple Google accounts simultaneously. The move will greatly simplify life for many users, and help pave the way for more businesses to adopt Google Apps.One of the most common obstacles to business adoption of Google Apps, or more specifically Gmail, are the hurdles and headaches associated with multiple accounts.



Google Improves Image Search, Finally

Google announced today it's rolling out a brand new Google Images site that will take much of the hassle out of searching for, browsing and filtering images. The company says it will also begin selling ads (with images, not just text) around the search results.

Cruz Android Tablets

Richmond, VA – July 13, 2010 – Velocity Micro, the premier builder of premium, high performance desktop computers, notebooks, and peripherals, announces the debut products from a captivating and affordable line-up of Android powered mobile devices. Taking e-readers light-years past e-ink, the Cruz Reader features a sleek design, touch screen display, and tons of multimedia features. The Cruz Tablet offers the same multimedia capabilities as the Cruz Reader with more storage and a multi-touch screen.

Android Market Profitable?

We stepped out of a killer panel Monday from MobileBeat 2010 titled "How to turn Android into a money machine," and the answer from the panel to that very question seems to be "all the little things." Is it as easy to make money on Android as it is on, say, the iPhone? The answer seems to be "no" at this point, but there's not a single killer reason that Google is lagging behind.

Create Your Own Google Android App

Google has a new App Inventor for Android that allows users to build their app even if they aren't experienced with coding. It allows users to visually design applications and use blocks to specify application logic easily. Examples include the use of GPS-location sensor to build location aware apps whereby the app lets you check on your phone where your car is parked.

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