Google fanboys throw eggs

"At those who do not want to appear on Street View An odd form of protest is emerging against the privacy conscious Germans. Apparently protesters are visiting addresses which opted out of Google Street View and are pelting them with eggs. The launch of Google Street View in Germany seems to be causing civil unrest. Which has now reportedly mutated into uncivil unrest. It seems that a group of people who are so miffed at the blurring out of houses and people they have been going around the Bergerhausen district of Essen and pelted some of the blurred-out houses with eggs."

Guy Drops 100lbs After Seeing Himself on Google

"One such man horrified by his picture appearing on Street View was 56-year-old Bob Mewse. Bob saw his picture and was immediately embarrassed. No, Street View hadn't caught him falling asleep on the side of the road, or peeing against a wall, or with a woman who wasn't his wife. Mr. Mewse was horrified because he realised he'd gained a lot of weight. "I was horrified when I saw that photo. I was massive.

Facebook engineer bashes Google for Gmail block

"A Facebook engineer has publicly chastised Google for snipping Facebook's access to the Gmail Contacts API, accusing the search giant of data-hoarding hypocrisy. But in doing so, he unloads more than a little hypocrisy of his own." | more

Google Invested $3 Million in Cree LED Lightbulbs

"The one that's closest to being here today is a new LED lightbulb that features lighting technology created by Cree, and produces 450 lumens from a power draw of just 7 watts. It'll retail for $25 and be sold door-to-door through Kamen's FIRST youth program." | more

Dead Sea Scrolls coming to your couch, thanks to Google

"Google and the Israeli Antiquities Authority have teamed up to digitize the Dead Sea Scrolls and make the scans accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Google, of course, has been scanning books and documents for years as part of its partnership with libraries around the world. Several million dollars will now fund a special implementation of the technology, as the Dead Sea fragments will all be scanned using a NASA-developed imaging system.

Google's new VP8-based image format could replace JPEG

"In an effort to speed up page loading, Google has introduced an experimental new image format called WebP. The format is intended to reduce the file size of lossy images without compromising the quality. Google's tests, which involved converting a million images, show that the format delivers an average reduction in file size of 39 percent." | more

Google TV is here

There's no one more excited about Google TV then I am. I love watching great TV shows and movies when I have some free time. And Google TV will make it that much more user friendly. Now I need a Google TV box or Google enabled TV. All hail Google TV!

Google's 12th Birthday

"A simple picture of a cake is Google's homepage doodle today, marking the company's 12th birthday. It's been a long road since the company was started in September 1998 by then Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page; a time before the search engine giant became a household name." | more

FaceBook Beats Google As Time Waster

Another reason to block FaceBook in the workplace...

"In August, people spent a total of 41.1 million minutes on Facebook, comScore said, about 9.9 percent of their Web-surfing minutes for the month. That just barely surpassed the 39.8 million minutes, or 9.6 percent, people spent on all of Google Inc.'s sites combined, including YouTube, the free Gmail e-mail program, Google news and other content sites." | more

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