Why Twitter is obsolete

"Twitter boasts 200 million users and 350 billion tweets per day, and it's a ubiquitous reference on mainstream TV. Visit Twitter today, and it's a hive of frenetic activity. Millions of people rely on the service for news, commentary, blog updates and social interaction. Twitter is about to close an $800 million funding round, which values the company at about $8 billion.

William Shatner Temporarily Kicked Off Google+

"They say celebrity endorsement is often the best way to advertise your product and attract new users. However, it seems Google this week accidentally snubbed a celebrity that was trying to check out its newest social venture. William Shatner yesterday complained via his Twitterfeed that he had been booted from Google+ for 'violating standards.'

"My Google+ account was flagged for violating standards," Shatner tweeted. "Saying hello to everyone apparently is against the rules maybe I should say goodbye?"

REVIEW: Early Days with Google+, Part 1

"So the big news of the past week has been Google’s revelation of Google+, a pre-launch service that nonetheless has attracted a large number of early pre-beta users. I was lucky enough to get in on it by the second day, but rather than rush a story out, I decided to give myself some time to play around in it and see how things look and feel."

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