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Game Developer Volition Still Sees Value in PC Titles Despite Piracy

"Some people say PC is dying. Some people say PC is the future," said Eric Barker, studio manager of video game developer Volition. "PC is the most variable, because it depends on what you've got under the hood. For us, the key thing was making sure the PC version was done in-house." Barker is talking about the PC versions of Volition's "Saints Row: The Third" and "Red Faction: Armageddon," which are both due to be released in 2011.

Razer Switchblade Announced, Revolution In PC Gaming?

"It has been an exciting CES with lots of updates and Razer teases everyone with "Switchblade" What is Switchblade? Razer quotes it as a revolution in PC gaming on a portable gaming device. Razer did indicate that the Switchblade will be powered by Intel's Atom processor, running on Windows 7. It supports mini-HDMI, USB 3.0 and the standard headphone and microphone ports.

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