Facebook Binder Art Contest (Brutal Legend Game)

Quick reminder - the Facebook Binder Art contest is live and will end next Wednesday, 9/9. Last week I dropped you a note about the contest and if you can let your audience know that there's only a week left, that'd be awesome.

Contest Info:
- Become a fan of the official Brutal Legend Facebook fan page –
- Post your Brutal Legend fan art onto the official Brutal Legend Facebook wall with "Fan Art Contest" somewhere in the title
- 5 winners will each receive a limited edition Eddie Riggs statue







Cataclysm hits World of Warcraft

Pretty much exactly as predicted, Blizzard Entertainment announced the next expansion for World of Warcraft Friday afternoon during the opening ceremonies for its annual Blizzcon convention in Anaheim, Calif. Called Cataclysm, the next expansion will, among other features, raise the character level cap to 85, introduce two new playable character races, and involve a wholesale refresh of Azeroth, the setting for the original World of Warcraft game released back in 2004...

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