Report: MSFT Working on Free-to-Play for Xbox

"Microsoft is reportedly working on a microtransactions service that would allow users to play games for free while charging for additional features. According to Develop, Redmond is calling on developers to discuss possible free-to-play game deals. Under the free-to-play price structure, players can play the game for free and Microsoft will make its money from in game purchases of different objects or upgrades."

Valve: Team Fortress 2 is free forever

"Valve has once again turned to Team Fortress 2 as the studio’s outlet for experimentation, this time with a daring move to make the triple-A game entirely free to play."

Free-to-Play Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

Electronic Arts have launched the free-to-play, browser-based Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. A sub-set of the game's content is available for free, with monthly ($9.99) or yearly ($59.99) subscriptions available to gain access to all of the courses. The yearly subscription includes 1500 points as a bonus.

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