Skype users targeted by malicious worm that locks them out of their PCs

"Security researchers have detected a new malware campaign that attempts to infect Skype users by sending them booby-trapped links from contacts in their address book.

DSL modem hack used to infect millions with banking fraud malware

"Millions of Internet users in Brazil have fallen victim to a sustained attack that exploited vulnerabilities in DSL modems, forcing people visiting sites such as Google or Facebook to reach imposter sites that installed malicious software and stole online banking credentials, a security researcher said.

Global Warming Researcher Fraud

Several months ago, DailyTech covered news of "climategate", a massive email leak from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit. In many of the leaked emails researchers discussed global warming research and made comments that sounded suspiciously close to academic misconduct.

March is Fraud Prevention Month

Health Fraud
Combatting health fraud, through enforcement and enhancing consumer information, is a priority for the Competition Bureau. Bogus weight-loss schemes, cure-all scams or products claiming amazing health effects are some of the many areas of health fraud targeted by the Bureau.

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