Next-gen CompactFlash Card Format is Based on PCIe

"Three industry heavy weights have come together to propose a new standard for a next generation storage medium to the CompactFlash Association. The new specification is being proposed by Sony, SanDisk, and Nikon. The idea the three firms are offering for ratification as a standard uses the much faster PCI Express interface. The PCIe based specification would have a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 500MB/s whereas the existing PATA interface tops out at a much slower 167MB/s.

HDD Makers Adopt Improved Storage Format

Last month 65.5 percent of computers worldwide used Windows XP, approximately 16.5 percent used Windows Vista, and 9 percent used Windows 7.  Looking ahead to 2011, Windows XP is likely to give up some market share, especially with a number of corporate networks upgrading to Windows 7.  Still, Windows XP is likely to defy logic and cling to substantial marketshare next year.





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