Latest Mozilla Firefox browser offers glimpse of world without Flash

"Yet another service removing support for Adobe Flash after Mozilla began implementing a tool in its Firefox browser that allows sites to run Flash videos without the need for the plugin. Adobe Flash's days were already numbered before Shumway was included as a part of the latest Firefox nightly build and, although it currently only works for product tour videos on Windows and Mac OS X, there are plans to roll it out further in future.

Flash With Sandbox in the Works for Firefox

"Adobe, which has spent the last few years trying to dig out of a deep hole of vulnerabilities and buggy code, is making a major change to Flash, adding a sandbox to the version of the player that runs in Firefox. The sandbox is designed to prevent many common exploit techniques against Flash. The move by Adobe comes roughly a year after the company added a sandbox to Flash for Google Chrome.



Firefox “now with added Bing!” released by Mozilla, Microsoft

"In a move that will raise eyebrows, Mozilla is now distributing a version of Firefox that uses Bing as the default search provider instead of Google. Rest assured that this is a joint project, though: the creatively-named Firefox with Bing website is run by Microsoft, and both Mozilla and MS are clear that this is a joint venture..."

You can download Firefox with Bing here

Web Tool On Firefox To Deter Tracking

"Mozilla Corp. plans to add a do-not-track feature to its Firefox Web browser, which could let users avoid having their actions monitored online. The announcement makes Firefox the first Web browser to heed the Federal Trade Commission's call for the development of a do-not-track system. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that Mozilla was exploring the development of such a system."

Spread Firefox Co-Founder Slams Tech Giants for Stealth Plug-Ins

"Asa Dotzler, co-founder of the Spread Firefox project, is more than a little miffed at Apple, Google, Microsoft, and RockMelt for installing plug-ins into Firefox without first asking for permission from Web surfers. Dotzler made the stealth plug-in discovery when he installed software like Apple iTunes, Google Chrome, and Windows Live Photo Gallery." | more

Windows browsers benchmarked: October 2010 edition

"Our readers enjoy our browser market share stories, but sometimes complain in the comments that we don't do enough to compare the actual browsers. We've therefore decided to do some performance tests for the top five browsers (stable and beta versions) on Windows. This is not meant to be an exhaustive performance rundown, as we have not tried every test in existence nor did we run them on every browser for Windows.


In what feels like a never ending animated battle of hackers against Firefox.

Firefox 3.6.4 Released With Out-of-Process Plugins

"Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 went to general release today. The big new feature in this release is out-of-process plugins (OOPP). This means things like Flash, Java, QuickTime, etc., all run in separate processes, so when Flash decides to crash, it won't take your browser out with it. If Flash starts consuming all the CPU it can find, you can kill it without nuking your browser session.

Firefox for Android phones

This isn't the first time we've seen the Firefox mobile browser running on Android, but it's the first time that Mozilla's been comfortable enough with it to compile the app for us mere mortals to test out.

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