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Gamers Pay To Play With Girls

A NEW website launching this week is hoping to cash in on gamers willing to pay for the opportunity to play video games online with girls.

GameCrush is being touted as the first social site for adult gamers with the women online able to set their gaming mood to either "flirty" or "dirty", IGN reports.

The men online are known as Players and the women as PlayDates and Players pay to play while PlayDates get paid to play.

Why Video Games Lack Female Troops

Women have been serving admirably in warzones for the U.S. military for years. But they're absent from the ranks of modern video game armies. A game developer offered Kotaku a justification of why we virtually fight as men.

The answer, offered by Gordon Van Dyke, producer of the new Electronic Arts modern warfare game Battlefield: Bad Company 2, has to do with technology. Or, more specifically, it has to do with technology needs trumping any sense of consumer demand for representation of both genders.

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