How the FBI nabbed a Russian spam king in Las Vegas

"On October 30, Oleg Nikolaenko flew from his home in Moscow to JFK airport, and then on to Las Vegas. He checked in to the Bellagio Hotel, where he attended the Speciality Equipment Market Association car show, a show he had attended last year as well. Bad move—because the feds nabbed him in Vegas just before the show ended, leaving his wife and young son back in Russia. At a November 4 hearing before a judge in Las Vegas, Nikolaenko needed a Russian interpreter and a public defender, but it didn't take much interpretation to see that he wasn't about to go free.

Wikipedia, porn, and the FBI

Everybody is wondering who is in charge at Wikipedia ever since Fox News reported that founder Jimmy Wales has relinquished some control over the site's material. The story claimed that, following Wales' alleged attempt to delete a slew of pornographic images from the site, he has been denied the right "to delete files, remove administrators, assign projects or edit any content."

FBI uses PS3 to fight pedophiles

Great for cracking passwords, Slim version not. Well, you can't say there aren't many uses for PlayStation 3, as not only is it a favorite gaming device for many users, but has now been established as a high-tech tool in fighting crime. AXcess News reports that Sony's consoles are now being used to crack passwords on various archives most notably those from people charged of pedophilia.

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