Facebook's new messaging system mashes up SMS, e-mail, IM

"This is not an e-mail killer. This is a messaging system that has e-mail as part of it." That's how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described the company's revamped messaging system, introduced at a special press event in San Francisco today. The more-than-just-e-mail system is meant to consolidate all of a user's interactions with other people—whether it's via SMS, Facebook messages, or e-mail—into one spot.

Facebook engineer bashes Google for Gmail block

"A Facebook engineer has publicly chastised Google for snipping Facebook's access to the Gmail Contacts API, accusing the search giant of data-hoarding hypocrisy. But in doing so, he unloads more than a little hypocrisy of his own." | more

Anti-cyberbullying 101: soon required at your public school?

"Online Pugsleys everywhere be forewarned: a major government program designed to help schools upgrade their Internet connectivity will soon require them to teach kids how to stop "cyberbullying" and "act responsibly on social networking sites like Facebook." | more

NY Teachers Fired for Inappropriate Facebooking

"According to the New York Post the Department of Education in New York City has fired three teachers in the last six months for acting inappropriately towards students on Facebook. One teacher, former Bronx teacher, Chadwin Reynolds, is said to have "friended" about six female students. He wrote comments like, "This is sexy," under some of their photos and asked one girl for her phone number.

Facebook Buying Skype? Ridiculous!

"His theory is somewhat sound. Both companies are giants in Web-based connectivity, with more than 500 million registered users apiece. Skype is taking a page out of the Netflix playbook, getting its interface into as many devices and websites as possible -- and that presumably includes warming up to Facebook to provide video chat and voice calls between confirmed friends. However, just because two companies seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly doesn't make it a sandwich.

Check Out Mark Zuckerberg's House with Oprah

"A lot of people might think Zuckerberg lives in a house with wall-to-wall hottubs and a live-in staff waiting on him hand and foot. The CEO has never before released pictures of the inside of his house. However, this week, as part of his plans to donate $100 million to the Newark school system, Mark invited chatshow queen Oprah and her camera crew to take a look around the house he lives with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan." | more

FaceBook Beats Google As Time Waster

Another reason to block FaceBook in the workplace...

"In August, people spent a total of 41.1 million minutes on Facebook, comScore said, about 9.9 percent of their Web-surfing minutes for the month. That just barely surpassed the 39.8 million minutes, or 9.6 percent, people spent on all of Google Inc.'s sites combined, including YouTube, the free Gmail e-mail program, Google news and other content sites." | more

One more reason to dislike Facebook

This one speaks for itself..

"Computer security firm Sophos pointed out that there was no "Dislike" version of the "Like" icon and anyone installing an application pitched as a "Dislike" button that jokingly notifies contacts at the social networking service "now I can dislike all of your dumb posts" is malware..." | More

Time spent on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube grows

Social networking is a social phenomenon.

For further proof, just take a gander at new Nielsen research out today. It says Americans spend nearly a quarter of the time they're on the Internet from their PC, or about six hours a month, on social-networking sites and blogs. That's a quantum leap from a year ago and underscores the growing power of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



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