NVIDIA Delivers Massive Performance Boost to Linux Gaming

"NVIDIA today announced the latest NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) drivers -- R310 -- double the performance(1) and dramatically reduce game loading times for those gaming on the Linux operating system.

The result of almost a year of development by NVIDIA, Valve and other game developers, the new GeForce R310 drivers are designed to give GeForce customers the best possible Linux-based PC gaming experience -- and showcase the enormous potential of the world's biggest open-source operating system.



AMD Catalyst 11.5 Released (and Hotfiix 11.5a)

In this update AMD has resolved a number of compatibility issues and performance in some games is faster. Note that there is an update to this update though, Catalyst 11.5a hotfix: grab it here

AMD Catalyst™ Driver 11.5a Hotfix Feature:


"Today we posted our first Release 270 WHQL-certified driver for GeForce GPUs, including an equivalent Verde driver for notebook PCs. Version 270.61 is available for download on

NVIDIA 270.51 Driver Improves Performance & Adds New Features

"Click here to download our latest and greatest set of drivers, 270.51. Including a number of new features, the 270.51 driver set also boasts numerous, notable performance gains in standard gaming modes, SLI gaming modes, and 3D Vision gaming modes.

GeForce/ION Driver v267.26 + v267.31

GeForce/ION Driver v267.26

This driver package supports GeForce GTX 560 Ti.

New in Release 267.26

  • Adds 3D Vision support for Bulletstorm.
  • Adds SLI support for Homefront.
  • Improves compatibility with Dragon Age II.
  • Fixes an issue where the NVIDIA control panel may not be accessible via the Windows desktop.


New 265 WHQL Drivers

"Release 265 WHQL-certified drivers are here and you can download the new v266.58 drivers on, now.  Read about some of the new features and performance optimizations this update brings, below. Or, get the full Release 265 specifications on" | more

266.35 Nvidia Beta Drivers

GeForce/ION Driver Release 265

Performance: Increases performance for GeForce 400 Series and 500 Series GPUs in several PC games vs. the latest Release 260 drivers. The following are examples of some of the most significant improvements measured on Windows 7. Results will vary depending on your GPU and system configuration:

GeForce GTX 580:

Nvidia rolls out its 263.09 WHQL driver

"The new driver package includes HD Audio driver version, PhysX driver version 9.10.0514, support for DirectCompute for Geforce 8-series and later GPUs, support for OpenCL 1.0 and OpenGL 4.1, and support for GPU overclocking and temperature monitoring via Nvidia System Tools software. You can download the new driver directly from Nvidia website here." | more

Nvidia releases Geforce 262.99 WHQL driver

"If you were out shopping yesterday and managed to buy the GTX 580, you can find and download the "new" driver here." | more

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