Cold Stream DLC for L4D2 to get early release

"Valve issued a challenge to Left 4 Dead 2 players: if the community could earn the Stream Cross achievement 20,000 times, Valve would release the Cold Stream DLC pack for L4D2 early. The company was apparently surprised, but the L4D2 community was able to earn this achievement 20,000 times in about 4 hours. In fact, in 24 hours they passed 60,000+ and locked in the early release."

All Witcher 2 downloadable content will be absolutely free

"Yeah, that’s what happens when you’re game is a PC game and you don’t have online services like Xbox LIVE breathing down your neck and forcing you to charge for everything so that they can get a cut.

CD Projekt, the developers of The Witcher 2 have announced that all of their DLC will be completely free. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be paid content though."

Portal 2 taking hits over paid DLC

"Despite the fact that Portal 2 is racking up some of the best reviews so far in 2011, it seems that the user community that has purchased the game so far isn’t exactly happy with one aspect of the release. The grumbling is coming from the pay downloadable content that Valve has released in conjunction with the game. Normally, players don’t have problems with at least some DLC being made available on day one, but Valve has stepped into a new realm with the developer releasing $80 worth of downloadable content with the game.

How publishers punish us for buying new games

"There used to be nothing better than going to the store, buying a brand new game, and putting it in your system of choice to sit down for a nice day of gaming. This should be a grand moment: you just bought a game you're excited about playing, and the publisher has your money. These days, however, it has become a wonderful opportunity to punish you instead. Here's how that goes down, and what I don't want to do when I buy a new game..."

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