Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2: Real space, real terror

"Two years after the original Dead Space exploded onto the gaming scene, we're treated to a proper sequel. Critics and gamers alike praised the original for its unique atmosphere and resurrection of the flailing survivor-horror genre. Dead Space 2 continues the story of Isaac Clarke and his seemingly endless run-ins with the once-human Necromorphs that have taken over a space station on one of Saturn's moons, Titan. Does Dead Space 2 deliver the screams of its predecessor?"

Your mom hates Dead Space 2

"In a new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi survival horror game, sweet old mothers are forced to watch scenes from the game. They do not approve. Not only do Visceral Games and EA want to scare the crap out of you with Dead Space 2, they want the game to be so scary and messed up that your mom will be a bit disappointed in you for playing it. As anyone that has ever been, or even known a teenager can attest, it is a brilliant strategy." | more

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