Dark Souls

Modder fixes Dark Souls' PC resolution problem minutes after release

"That's where NeoGAF forum user Durante comes in. Mere minutes after the PC edition of the game was made available today, Durante had posted a downloadable DLL file that allows for higher internal resolutions by intercepting and altering the game's DirectX 9 API calls.

Heroes die: our first hours with the addictive and maddening Dark Souls

"Dark Souls is difficult and frustrating, but you can do great things in the game. This is the sequel to the PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls, which became a cult hit due to its dense third-person gameplay and punishing difficulty. Every battle can have dire circumstances, and if you rush through an environment, you may find things that end your life very quickly. Control your movements, make good decisions about where to engage in battle, and be aware of everything around you—and you may succeed.

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