Crysis 2

DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade for Crysis 2

"The DX11 Ultra Upgrade is a free visual improvement add-on introducing DirectX 11 support as well as a wealth of graphical improvements and performance optimization for both DX11 and DX9 API's. When using the new “Ultra” spec, DX9 platforms will benefit from real-time local reflections and contact shadows.

Dear Crytek, Us PC gamers are raging mad!

PC gamers are not pleased pissed. Keep reading to find out why...

Crytek Continues Updates

"PC version of Crysis 2 gets more fixes. Crytek continues to address a number of issues that have caused problems for players of the PC version of Crysis 2. While we continue to hear of issues with PC users that are having problems activating Crysis 2 on the PC, the latest update does not seem to fix this issue; however, the work around of re-entering your multiplayer key from within the game does seem to work for many. The latest patch addresses the USB headset issues with some brands.

Crysis 2 - Official Launch Trailer

Crysis 2 has officially released in the United States! To celebrate, here is the official launch trailer featuring "New York, New York" by Grammy nominated artist B.o.B.!

Start spreading the news! To celebrate the release of Crysis 2 today in North America and Friday, March 25th in Europe, we’re releasing an extended version of the TV commercial featuring ”New York, New York” by Grammy nominated artist B.o.B. Crysis 2 releases worldwide on March 25th! If you haven't pre-ordered yet, check out the latest deals!

Crysis 2 PC Multiplayer Demo Pictorial Review (56k warning!)

"World Exclusive screenshots of the demo coming out 1st March 2011! Updated: 1st March 2011 2.30pm.." | See More

Special Inside Crysis 2 Gameplay Footage

A twitter was send tonight about this new awesome Crysis 2 footage from Gamescom that proves to be a sizzling hot video worth watching. Check it out!

First look: Crysis 2 Destroys NYC!

Crytek launches Crysis 2 web site

Times Square trailer on-line

Crytek has finally posted the Crysis 2 trailer and went live with the official Crysis 2 website, As you probably know, the trailer was shown at the NY Times Square.

Although the new trailer doesn't show any details about the game, it is still quite exciting to see anything that has something to do with Crysis 2. The "over 2 minutes" trailer show ruins of what appears to be New York City.

Richard Morgan Writing Crysis 2's Story

Crysis 2

We know Crysis 2 will be packed with state-of-the-art visual razzmatazz, but it looks like we'll also (hopefully) be able to expect a good story.
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