Computex 2013: MEGA Booth Babes Gallery

"As always, this year’s Computex was quite a busy show with tons of new products announced, but one of the most integral parts of the Computex experience is of course the hundreds of models hired by the many companies to draw attention to their booths. For those who weren’t able to attend this year’s Computex, we were able to get some help from our good friend David Chang from Yuki-no photography who was able to help us bring you a small glimpse of the Computex booth babe experience."

Computex 2012 Booth Babes

"Each year we look forward to Computex for the new products and exciting developments in technology and the industry. We love seeing technology evolve and perform faster and better. We are however realists, and we know that you have but one thing you seek from us during Computex . . . Booth Babes! Enjoy our first gallery of the wonderful women at the show."

Computex 2011 - The Booth Babes

"As we do yearly, we end with a nice photo-gallery of the x-chromosome species at display on Computex. Please have a look at all the pretty girls of Computex. The gallery has a good number of photo's in it, click here to watch it. Enjoy ;)"

Computex 2010: Day 3, Booth Babes

These booth babes can really work up a crowd when they take the stage. Guys are attracted for obvious reasons, while other girls (yes, other girls) are lured in by the prospect of freebies being given away randomly.

When you have a crowd competing over free giveaways, it can get messy. Our photographer was in fact clocked by an accidental uppercut. The punch was delivered by a girl who desperately lunged upwards to grab a freebie, thrown into the air towards an eager crowd by a nearby booth babe.

COMPUTEX 2010: Babes in Taipei

"After sifting through our growing stash of photos from COMPUTEX 2010, we wonder if Taiwan manufactures more ICT products or pretty girls."

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