Bionic Eye Implant is World's Smallest Computer

Going bionic is usually depicted in media as haphazardly attaching an unwieldy piece of cyberpunk technology to your squishy bits. That might not be where the real world is headed, as University of Michigan researchers have come up with what's possibly the smallest computer ever built.

Q&A - Screws on table?

Anyone who is building their own computers have a ton of screws kicking around and sometimes they are all over the place. So how many screws are on your table right now?

Computers Can Make You Fat By Making You Crave Sweets

We work up an apetite for sweets when working on the computer.

Computers can make you fat – and not just from lack of exercise. Research shows that staring at a computer screen makes us work up an appetite for sweet treats like chocolate cake and biscuits.

It is thought that the mental stress of computer work triggers changes in blood sugar and hormone levels that trick the brain into thinking it has worked off lots of calories that need replaced.

Computer future depends on the potato

Israeli scientists are convinced that in the future computers will be powered by potatoes. Yissum Research Development, which is the technology transfer arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has just introduced what they're calling "solid organic electric battery based upon treated potatoes."

Creator of the Personal Computer, Dies

H. Edward Roberts died this week at age 68. If you don't know the story of how Roberts helped launch the personal computing revolution, let us fill you in.

Back in 1970, Ed Roberts had just finished serving at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory designing circuits for missiles. Along with a close friend, Forrest M. Mims III, he decided to open a business from his garage selling build-it-yourself electronics kits to hobbyists.

PeeWee = Kid Friendly PC

February 17, 2010, NY, NY – PeeWee PC announced today at the Toy Fair in NY a new addition to their family of child-friendly computers and programs, the PeeWee Kit. The PeeWee Kit turns any computer into an age-appropriate PeeWee PC for children.







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