Chrome OS

First Chrome OS Notebooks Due in Nov.

"A source close to Google said this week that the Web giant is still on track to launch its Chrome OS by the end of the year, as well as its Chrome app store. Google's Chrome OS is expected to be an ultrathin client on top of the Chrome browser, with the idea that the majority of activities will take place on the Web or within the cloud. A report erroneously suggested that Chrome OS devices would launch at Computex, with a second report stating that they would launch within the fourth quarter." | more

Chrome OS Arrives on the iPad--No Seriously!

"Unless you've been under a rock for the past several months, you're aware that Apple's iPad is yet another huge hit for the company. Indeed, it has succeeded where countless tablet computers--including many Windows tablets--have failed in the past. Leave it to hackers, though, to find their own ways to improve on what Apple refers to as "magic" on the iPad. As noted on the PadGadget blog, a user named Hexxeh has posted a video online of the iPad running Google's upcoming Chrome OS. You can watch it here.

Chrome OS is on schedule, said Google

Yesterday at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit on Yas Island Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the development of Google’s Chrome operating system is on schedule and that it would be the big topic in the news during the second half of this year.

Chrome is of course a web browser from Google but almost a year ago they introduced plans to develop an operating system with the same name.

Chrome OS goes 64-bit

Google's Chrome OS has been the darling of open source developers for a while, and now it just got a bit more serious.

ChromeiumOS64 is a new Chrome project with 64-bit support and it should offer a bit more potential for more serious use on proper, 64-bit CPUs. In addition to 64-bit support, ChromeiumOS64 also features Xen hypervisor! and allows users to run virtual machines on Linux or even Windows.

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