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The fallacy of unlocked phones

"However, this does not work nearly as well in the United States and now Canada for a number of reasons. First, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and other smaller network operators follow the European standards for GSM and UMTS/HSPA but Sprint Nextel, Verizon Wireless and a number of smaller operators have chosen to deploy CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO Rev A in this country. So it should be safe to assume that at the very least you could buy a GSM/HSPA-capable phone and move it from T-Mobile to AT&T or the other way around.

Sony Ericsson Goes Android

The Android family gets bigger with the addition of Sony. Is this a sign Nokia is failing to adapt by holding onto Symbian?

Cell Phones Powered by Conversation?

Lets say you run out of battery power on your cell phone and you are stranded on a remote island surrounded by cannibal mimes. Do you: A. Build a charger out of pineapples and coconuts. or B. Talk to yourself until the cell phone generates enough power to dial out for help?

Windows Phone 7 to launch Oct. 11

Now you can have all the fun of your PC on your Windows Phone 7! That's right you can install drivers that don't work, slow it down scanning for viruses and call Microsoft support center when you feel like upgrading.

Teen Shoots Cellphones Into Jail

Turok wanted for questioning, but teen takes the rap for shooting cell phones into prison using bow and arrows.

"The young archer was supposedly hired and trained by a local gang who wanted to get cell phones to friends inside a prison in Southern Brazil. The teenager was caught after one of the arrows hit a police officer in the back..." | more

Frenemy Relationship With Cell Phones

I feel the same way, Love-hate them. There are times when I want to toss my phone out the window and yet I still need it in those dark times, like when stranded on the side of the road after having been chained up and smelling like tacos or maybe it's just me?

EFF Wins New Legal Protections for Cell Phone Jailbreakers

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) won three critical exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) anticircumvention provisions today, carving out new legal protections for consumers who modify their cell phones and artists who remix videos — people who, until now, could have been sued for their non-infringing or fair use activities.

OMSMark Mobile Benchmark

Espoo, Finland – April 20, 2010. Rightware Oy, the world’s leading developer of benchmarking software for mobile and embedded devices, launched today OMSMark™, a new benchmarking software developed in cooperation with China Mobile.

Crackdown on cell phone boosters

"This is 'Magic' and this is 'Jack'," the little girl says in the video ad, holding her two cute puppy dogs up to the camera. The girl's father, magicJack inventor Dan Borislow, then asks her, "Kylie, did you know that your dad is going to let everybody try a magicJack in the whole country for free?"

Free for 30 days, that is. magicJack is a popular service comparable to VoIP, except that after you hook its app into a USB port on your broadband connected computer, you plug the USB gadget to the RJ11 slot in your telephone.

World's Toughest Phone Goes On Sale

We dropped it, we dragged it behind a car, we even hammered nails with it. The Sonim XP3.20 Quest is the world's toughest phone. I'm very happy it say it's finally going on sale in the US today, at bestbuy.com and at some Best Buy Mobile stores in the US.

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