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AMD releases Catalyst 11.4 driver

Grab the new AMD Catalyst 11.4 driver to keep your AMD VIdeo Card happy ;) Many people will be excited that there's performance enhancements for COD: Black Ops game as well as other games. All kinds of improvements as well.

New Features:

Enhancements to the AMD VISION Engine Control Center / AMD Catalyst Control Center

ATI 10.8 driver scaling issues confirmed

Just in case anyone else is having scaling issues with the new AMD (ATI) 10.8 driver, it's not just you! I'm personally having scaling issues with the new 10.8 drivers on my Toshiba 52XV545U 52" TV.

The setup I have is a 30" LCD connected via DVI and TV connected via HDMI, using a ATI HIS HD 5570. With the 10.7 driver I didn't have an issue with scaling on the TV, but with the 10.8 driver I have to reset the scaling (overscan to 0%) every time I turn the TV back on. I've tried creating profiles and nothing seems to work.

ATI Catalyst 10.5 Driver

ATI Catalyst™ 10.5 Profiles Updates

- Web Content
- AMD Product Support
- Operating Systems Supported
- New Features
- Resolved Issues for All Windows Operating Systems
- Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System
- Resolved Issues for the Windows Vista Operating System
- Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System
- Known Issues Under All Windows Operating Systems
- Known Issues Under the Windows 7 Operating System

ATI Catalyst version 10.4

It’s that time again for the ATI Catalyst™ driver update!  We have been getting great comments and feedback from the community because of this blog site.  Please continue to send us your feedback as we do review them all*.

*IF you are having technical issues with the ATI Catalyst driver, or your graphics card please report your issues here.

Let’s take a look at what is new this month!

ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview Driver

ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview features:
The ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview provides resolution for the following issue:

  • Long load times for new maps in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 when using an  ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics card

In order to download and install the ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview, click on the following link:

ATI Catalyst version 10.3 released

This release note provides information on the latest posting of AMD’s industry leading
software suite, ATI Catalyst™. This particular software suite updates both the AMD
Display Driver, and the ATI Catalyst™ Control Center. This unified driver has been
further enhanced to provide the highest level of power, performance, and reliability. The
ATI Catalyst™ software suite is the ultimate in performance and stability.

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