Canada wages YouTube war against metered Internet billing

"Canadians can't stand going without coffee. Even worse? Not having a team in the FIFA World Cup event for 2014. Absolutely unthinkable, say eight of ten Canadians. But you know what they really hate? Metered Internet pricing, or Usage Based Billing (UBB) as they call it—letting the dominant Internet Service Providers charge broadband subscribers and smaller competitive ISPs by the quantity of data use."

Canada wants unedited "Money for Nothing" back on the radio

"Canada's official telecommunications regulatory agency is unhappy about the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council's recent decision that the unedited version of the Dire Straits song "Money for Nothing" is "unacceptable for broadcast." The CBSC, which represents 760 private Canadian radio/television license owners, made that call earlier this month in response to a complaint that the tune includes three references to an offensive word."

Pandora Rejects Canada

In short, Pandora's reasons to not setup shop in Canada is clearly based on the 45 per cent of the site's gross revenues or 7.5-tenths of a cent for every song streamed. Although in sharp contrast Radio delivered over AM/FM in Canada pays a rate of 2.1 per cent of revenue, we find this balance unfair. And the Music Industry happily reminds us that Canadians are no good Pirates, but we all know they secretly want to sue file sharing moms everywhere.

Netflix to invade Canada

Will start this fall with streaming
Canadian users who have wanted to enjoy Netflix will not have much longer to wait, as the company has announced that they will be coming to Canada this fall. From what we are hearing, they are going to start out by offering streaming only to Canadian customers to start with.

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