Gamers Have Good Brains

Gamer... Brainssssss.... nom nom nom...

"Scientist at the University of Rochester have worked out that first-person shooter players are better at making fast, accurate decisions based on evidence extracted from their surroundings. They have also discovered that when those who don't normally play action video games improved their inference skills after being forced to play just 50 hours." | more

Brain interface gets distribution

NeuroSky which makes brain interfaces for games has just started distributing its NeuroSky MindSet and ThinkGear technology components to the EU. The outfit has been flogging its gear to universities, gaming companies and researchers.

Brain’s Wrinkles Protect Against Head Banging

As you greet the new week by banging your head on your desk in office despair, rest assured: The brain’s wrinkled surface protects you from non-existential damage.

The prevailing explanation for the brain’s crenellations is that they increase computational capacity by packing a large surface area into a small space. Exactly how this works is a matter of speculation, but abnormalities have been linked to disorders like autism and depression.

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