Booth Babes

CES 2011: The Booth Babes

"This year at CES we have seen a lot! If you didn’t know CES is the largest trade show in North America and pretty much every manufacturer that makes anything electronic is here. So we have seen things like 3D HDTV’s, laptops, computer cases, car audio and much more. So how did these companies get your attention to come visit their booth? Booth babes of course! Here is our gallery from 2011!" | Lots More Here!

Computex 2010: Day 3, Booth Babes

These booth babes can really work up a crowd when they take the stage. Guys are attracted for obvious reasons, while other girls (yes, other girls) are lured in by the prospect of freebies being given away randomly.

When you have a crowd competing over free giveaways, it can get messy. Our photographer was in fact clocked by an accidental uppercut. The punch was delivered by a girl who desperately lunged upwards to grab a freebie, thrown into the air towards an eager crowd by a nearby booth babe.

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