BioShock 2

BioShock 2 DLC begins in March

In BioShock 2, players return to the underwater dystopian city of Rapture as a Big Daddy, several years after the events of the highly acclaimed original. Soon, players will have the chance to make multiple return trips and in quicker succession, as 2K Games announced today that the first in a batch of downloadable content will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this March.

The first add-on pack, titled Sinclair Solutions Test Pack, will cost $5 (MSP400) and be aimed at the game's multiplayer mode, which was developed by Dark Sector studio Digital Extremes.

BioShock 2 Review

"When the city of Rapture was first unveiled, it was an underwater dystopia ravaged by civil war and self-destructive genetic manipulation. This strange and unforgettable world was also one of awe and wonder. Set nearly a decade after the events of its precursor, BioShock 2's Rapture is just as haunting and atmospheric the second time around (and perhaps even more so), but the sunken tomb of Rapture has lost much of the mystery that made it so memorable. Everything seems a bit too familiar, and the story that accompanies your journey is not as impressive or shocking as the original.

BioShock 2 multiplayer lacking

No dedicated server and LAN play. The news that BioShock 2 would feature at least some multiplayer was received with more questions than answers. Now we are learning that at least in this release, the multiplayer will not feature any dedicated servers or LAN play.

As many already know, the first BioShock did not offer any multiplayer modes at all. Adding the multiplayer to the existing game was a significant undertaking as one can imagine.

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