Gamers reach for BFG after Nvidia turns back the overclock

"Laptop-wielding gamers are up in arms over a driver update from Nvidia, which disables overclocking in the company's gaming-laptop-targeted GeForce GTX 900M devices. Those who installed the drivers had their clock settings wiped, and according to TechPowerUp, even third-party overclocking tools have been blocked. The change was made in the GeForce R347 drivers, version 347.29."

BFG quits graphics business

Will continue to offer PSUs and gaming systems

BFG Technologies is calling it quits and pulling out of the graphics market. The US-based company was founded in 2002 and it made a name for itself flogging premium Nvidia cards.

However, BFG will still continue to offer power supplies, Deimos gaming notebooks and Phobos gaming rigs. Owners of BFG cards should not be concerned. The company will continue offering support and RMA services for all BFG cards still in circulation.

BFG Announces Deimos X-10 SLI Gaming Notebook

Libertyville, IL – October 12, 2009 – BFG Technologies, manufacturer of the stunning high performance gaming/home theater system – Phobos, is excited to announce the new Deimos X-10 SLI Gaming Notebook. Deimos X-10 delivers super fast frame rates similar to an SLI desktop rig, but offers gamers the convenient portability of a notebook. Deimos X-10 can be configured with dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 280M 1GB (SLI) graphics cards, which pump out ultra-lifelike graphics on the gorgeous 18.4” full 16:9 HD (1920x1080) LCD screen.

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