Battlefield 3

Console maps will be smaller in Battlefield 3

"The maps in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Battlefield 3 will be a bit smaller and more compact then their PC counter parts. This compromise was necessary in order to yield the best possible experience on the console systems. While the console versions of the maps will be smaller, it is said that the size is roughly 75% to 80% of the original map size. By way of comparison, it has been suggested that the Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps are a good point of reference; and those maps didn’t seem that small at all."

Battlefield 3: Paris Multiplayer Gameplay

"Return to Paris for an extended look at the multiple award-winning Battlefield 3 Operation Metro map!"

No plans for BF3 mod tools

"Battlefield fans that were hopeful that DICE would provide mod tools for its upcoming release of Battlefield 3 are going to be sad to learn that, at least for right now, it isn’t in the cards. In an interview with German site GameStar EA Europe, VP Patrick Solderlund claims that the Frostbite 3 engine would “present too much of a challenge for people.”"

Battlefield 3 takes shot at MW3 with free social portal

"A post from the game's official blog touted the ability of the Frostbite 2 engine to provide both large-scale battles and close combat. "Gamers will experience a physical battlefield and be able to temporarily disable vehicles, go prone, mount weapons, lay down suppressive fire and more. Under the hood, the brand-new engine ensures cutting-edge visuals and immersion," Karl Magnus Troedsson, the general manager of DICE, wrote.

PWNED #7 | Battlefield 3 Special (Video)

"PWNED #7 is a Battlefield 3 Special. Exclusive access to DICE : Check under the hood of Battlefield 3 as we look at the brand new engine - Frostbite 2 and dig a little deeper. Revisit an old favourite from Battlefield 2 -- Strike at Karkand and more with Niklas Fegreaus, Lead Designer on Back to Karkand and David Spinnier, one of the original map designers on Battlefield 2 as they talk to us about those maps and how they will evolve in Battlefield 3. Lock and Load with Lead Weapons Designer, Alan Kertz as he discusses the Physical Warfare Pack and his weapon of choice.

Battlefield 3 - Full Length "Fault Line" Gameplay Trailer

Watch 12 minutes of gameplay from Battlefield 3 in our full Fault Line reveal, featuring never before shown footage!

Battlefield 3 first footage: the humans move like humans

"EA's Battlefield 3 event was everything wonderful and terrible about gaming journalism. I waited in line, herded like a cow until I put on a name tag, was shown the open bar, and was handed a piece of meat on a stick to eat until the game was shown. The crush of crowd was fantastic; EA seemed to have underestimated the amount of people who would be interested in the game.

Battlefield 3 to support 64 on PC

"More news on Battlefield 3 comes to light. This time around online player limits are said to have been set. Online play for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console versions of the game are said to be limited to 24 players, while the PC version will offer support for a massive 64 players. The limit of 24 for the console version really is not that big of a deal, as many FPS titles for consoles are normally limited to 24 players. The support for 64 players on the PC version is also not really a surprise, as this has been the max in previous Battlefield titles in the past."

PC version of Battlefield 3 is special

"The promise of a more robust version of Battlefield 3 on the PC is something that DICE has talked about in the past, but it does seem that they fully intend to put the special effort into making the PC version something very special.

PC version of Battlefield 3 to be best

"DICE has some very welcome words for PC gamers that are Battlefield franchise fans. The upcoming Battlefield 3 for the PC will not be a watered down console port, but will instead be the best and most robust version of Battlefield 3 that takes advantage of the special and unique nature of the PC platform." | more

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