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BF3 mega patch hits today for PC

"Word comes from DICE that PC owners will get the new mega patch later today once server maintenance has been completed. The maintenance on the servers is scheduled for 9 to 11:30 CET, and once completed, the PC patch will be made available."

DICE to hire anti-cheat administrator

"After hearing the complaints of the Battlefield community for years, DICE has finally decided to take a new approach to address the cheating that continues to be rampant within the PC Battlefield community. This new tact involves the hiring of what DICE is calling an “anti-cheat administrator” that will work for DICE and whose sole job will be to curb, if not eliminate, cheating in Battlefield titles.

Hackers ban Battlefield 3 players to highlight anti-cheating flaws

"Hackers have banned some players of the popular Battlefield 3 game to send a message to developers at Electronic Arts (EA) that its anti-cheating software is flawed. A junior member of the Artificial Aiming game hacking website revealed that he and his anonymous hacking group are “framing” players to make the controversial PunkBuster software believe they were cheating in game. The group took responsibility for a previous attack in 2011 and said it has already banned more than 150 Battlefield 3 players to show how easy it is for PunkBuster to wrongly block a player."

EA estimates 5 million copies of Battlefield 3 sold, says stability issues solved

"Last week's Battlefield 3 launch had its high and low points, with sky-high consumer interest, but stability issues plaguing many players. EA has announced that the game has sold an estimated 5 million copies worldwide in its first week of availability. That's a big success by any metric, although we're curious about the split in sales between the console and PC versions of the game."

Battlefield 3 has a single-player campaign... unfortunately

"The Battlefield series isn't just another war game franchise that's trying to compete with the first-person shooter Call of Duty; it's a series that offers an experience that's utterly distinct from Activision's testosterone-drenched celebration of war. The multiplayer in Battlefield places an emphasis on teamwork, communication, and vehicles, and this combination has appealed to those who don't care for the alpha-male play of Call of Duty.

New Battlefield 3 multiplayer gameplay trailer!

"With only about one week to go to the launch of Battlefield 3, we are very excited to bring you our latest multiplayer gameplay trailer! This trailer features shots from all of our multiplayer maps, including the dramatic Damavand Peak.

Battlefield 3 Beta Hacked, Accounts May Be Banned

"If you happen to land on a modified Battlefield 3 server, you could be banned from Origin and all your games associated with the EA service."

Battlefield 3 Open Beta starts Sep 29th!

"We are happy to announce that the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 Open Beta starts Thursday, September 29th! Running until October 10th, the Battlefield 3 Open Beta is your chance to play the game early, try out our free social platform Battlelog, and help us make the game even better by sending us your valuable feedback..."

Battlefield 3 is not coming to Steam, but EA has a real reason

"Gamers have been worried for some time about their ability to buy Battlefield 3 from Steam, and EA has now provided an official statement on the matter: until Valve changes its policies, the game won't be available on the most popular digital distribution service in the United States. According to EA, this isn't their call; it's due to the fact that Valve has placed restrictions on how content can be shared on the games sold via Steam."

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