Emerald City Comicon 2012 in Pictures [Gallery]

"Since Emerald City Comicon took place during the last weekend, I decided to scour flickr for some CC cosplay photography of the event, and while there was not as many pictures as with similar conventions in bigger cities, I was able to find a decent amount of good pictures. [GAS] reader and cosplayer Ani-Mia (The Sexy Wampa Lady above) also let me post some of the pictures her boyfriend took (Non CC) during the weekend. Check these out!.."

[GAS] Reader Ani-Mia Cosplaying as Lulu from Final Fantasy X [Pics]

"[GAS] Reader Ani-Mia recently sent me a few pictures of her cosplaying as Lulu from Final Fantasy X, and I must say, the costume looks very authentic! I’ve also included a few other pictures I stumbled on while stalking looking through her Facebook page."

HP Japan gets AKB48 to promote PCs as “HP Support Angels”

"Forget about other brands if you a AKB48 fan. HP Japan, together with AKB48 is launching a campaign to promote their PCs as HP Support Angels. Join Oshima Yuko and eight other AKB48 girls as they share with you interesting aspects of having a HP PC or notebook, powered by Intel’s 2nd generation Core processors."

Duke Nukem Forever Babes Trailer

"Some of that can actually be seen in the second--we're going to call it barely safe for work--trailer. Dubbed the "All the Pretty Babes!" trailer, this video takes a look at some of the women Duke will meet throughout his journey. Apparently his journey takes a few pitstops in restroom stalls. Remember, we warned you. Duke Nukem Forever launches on June 14 in North America for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. (We're almost certain of it, this time.)"

Anime Babes from Sailor Moon to Rei Ayanami

"Over the course of the past two years, we've seen the burlesque performers from Devil's Playground channel fan favorite characters like Link and Zelda (Video Game Girls), Catwoman (Comic Book Vixens), and, of course, the Stormtrooper from their now-infamous Star Wars tribute that took place one year ago. On January 8, the ladies took on Anime Babes." | more

COMPUTEX 2010: Babes in Taipei

"After sifting through our growing stash of photos from COMPUTEX 2010, we wonder if Taiwan manufactures more ICT products or pretty girls."

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