Apple does not own the letter i

Neither does Intel

Apple which is famous for sending lawyers around claiming that Steve Jobs invented the 'I' has been told that the letter of the alphabet really is prior art.

The Australian trademarks tribunal has told Apple to go forth and multiply when it tried to stop a small company from trademarking the name DOPi for use on its laptop bags and cases for Apple products. Apple argued that the DOPi name, which is iPod spelt backwards, was too similar to its own proprietary MP3 player.

Apple Explains Sexy App Double Standard

Apple's ban on sexy apps -- more than 5000 apps were removed from the app store over the weekend because they contained "overtly sexual content" -- has been making headlines, mostly because of the selectivity of the removal.

While Apple removed such risqué apps as Strip Simon and Video Strip Poker, apps from big-name companies such as Sports Illustrated and Playboy remain in the App Store -- the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit App is even featured on the front page.

Apple attempted to explain its app double-standard in an interview with the New York Times.

Apple will sell 8 million iPads by 2012

If analyst predictions are any indication of what the iPad will see in actual sales, it's going to be a good run for Apple.

In a research note to clients on Wednesday, Needham & Company's Charlie Wolf predicted Apple would sell two million iPads in fiscal 2010 and an additional six million devices in 2011, according to a report on AppleInsider.

What's interesting is that Wolf says more than half of the iPad sales would be drawn from the iPod Touch.



Pystar's Rebel EFI Reviewed

Psystar's Rebel EFI is an interesting tool, but it is very limited when it comes to the selection of hardware that you can use. The company really needs to create a compatible hardware list and post that on its Web site -- and it also needs to create some usable documentation.

Apple Triple Play: iTunes, App TV and Apple Television

There’s not much of a business yet in Apple TV, as the Apple’s (AAPL) leadership often notes. But there may be soon, with the market for connected TVs evolving as it has been. In a research note issued this morning, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says the time is right for Apple to release the next iteration of the Apple TV — one that offers DVR capabilities and supports iTunes TV show subscriptions.

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