G.Skill released its DDR3 1800 MHZ FLARE modules

Taipei, Taiwan –22th April, 2010 - G.Skill International Co. Ltd.,

ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview Driver

ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview features:
The ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview provides resolution for the following issue:

  • Long load times for new maps in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 when using an  ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics card

In order to download and install the ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview, click on the following link:

Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme Silver CPU Cooler

April 20, 2010 The Taiwan based PC thermal solution expert, Tuniq, has announced a new addition to their Tower 120 Extreme series of ultra performance CPU coolers, the Ą§Tower 120 Extreme Silver. 

AMD reports better than expected Q1 earnings

Stays in the green

In Q4 2009 AMD reported its first profitable quarter in years, and, according to Q1 earnings data released on Thursday, the company is staying in the green.

AMD reported revenues of $1.57 billion and profits of $257 million in the first quarter of 2010. A year ago, the outfit posted a $416 million loss and $1.18 billion of revenues. AMD also managed to beat its Q4 2009 results, but the company expects the upcoming quarter to be slightly down due to seasonal trends.

AMD shipped over 6 million DX11 GPUs

In less than two quarters

AMD announced that it has managed to ship in excess of 6 million DirectX 11 capable GPUs in the past two quarters.

The company introduced the HD 5800 series in late September and the cards started shipping in volume in early October. A month later AMD launched the HD 5700 series, which was followed by entry level parts and mobile GPUs.

AMD and Apple? It could happen

The Apple rumor du jour is that everyone's favorite tablet maker is considering AMD for a spot in the Mac lineup. AppleInsider alleges that AMD execs have been pitching Apple on the chipmaker's upcoming product roadmap, and that the two parties are in "advanced discussions" about putting AMD inside some Apple products.

How to push a single core CPU to 5.5GHz

Sempron 140 and Gigabyte MA790X UD3P

Cheapskates of the world unite! On a more serious note, this shows that you don’t need loads of cash to purchase a blazing fast CPU, but rather get busy and push your CPU to the limits, even if it is a modest single core. has performed a nice little experiment to see just how much juice can one squeeze out of a €35 CPU, and the results are excellent.

Athlon II C3 stepping coming soon

Nine revamped parts

AMD is readying nine new Athlon II processor based on the C3 core revision. The refreshed CPUs won't bring major performance boosts, but they could deliver lower thermals and better oveclocking potential.

CPU World has posted several images of the new processors, along with part numbers. Three dual-core Athlons, 245, 250 and 255, as well as three triple-cores, 405e, 435 and 440, will feature the new stepping.

AMD wants to eat Intel's notebook lunch

Even the peanut butter sandwich

It is starting to look as if Intel's dream of protecting its notebook market from netbooks is going to fall flat on its face. Intel has resisted moves to make netbooks bigger and more useful but now it is starting to look as if it is failing. AMD, VIA and ARM seem to be targeting Intel's prize jewels and the world on the street is that they might just get away with it.

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