AMD 12-Core ''Magny Cours'' Samples Up And Running

Overclocked, runs 12 cores at an impressive 3GHz. Impressive, to say the least: current "Istanbul" Opterons run at 2.8GHz in the high end with 1.3v and these new cores are manufactured at the same 45nm process. The new engeneering samples are holding at 3 GHz with just 1.16v, which is also necessary to keep power consumption low.

Also, a screenshot running lower clocks but showing that the system is a dual-socket motherboard, running 24 cores:

Tilera targets Intel, AMD with 100-core processor

Tilera on Monday announced new general-purpose CPUs, including a 100-core chip, as it tries to make its way into the server market dominated by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

The two-year-old startup's Tile-GX series of chips are targeted at servers and appliances that execute Web-related functions such as indexing, Web search and video search, said Anant Agarwal, cofounder and chief technology officer of Tilera, which is based in San Jose, California. The chips have the attributes of a general-purpose CPU as they can run the Linux OS and other applications commonly used to serve Web data.

ATI Catalyst™ 9.10 Display Driver Released

All hail the new ATI Catalyst™ 9.10 Display Driver. Enjoy ;)

Resolved Issues for All Windows Operating Systems:

Software Suite for Windows. These include:
- The video preview in Avivo™ Video - Basic Quality page in Catalyst Control Center no longer flickers while playing SD/HD Blu-ray titles
- Underscan/Overscan settings for TV can now be applied from the Catalyst Control Center - TV Properties Adjustments page
- The display mode page will now refresh properly when selecting another display from drop down menu in Catalyst Control Center with two displays connected in extended mode

AMD calls Fermi a "Paper Dragon"

AMD has showed a presentation in which it compares its HD 5800 generation with Nvidia's upcoming Fermi, or as AMD likes to call it a "Paper Dragon".

The PR wars (Or FUD wars.sub.ed) between AMD and Nvidia have started once again as we draw closer to Nvidia's launch of Fermi. Nvidia still believes that Fermi beats the HD 5870, but on the other hand, AMD is selling more and more HD 5800 series cards, and Fermi is no where to be seen yet.

AMD Intros 8 Athlon II Processors

Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) on Tuesday introduced eight mainstream Athlon II desktop microprocessors, ranging from dual- to quad-core models. The processors, all built using a 45-nanometer production process, are expected to be used in new PCs offered during the holiday shopping season. Computer makers expected to build systems around the latest offerings include Acer, Dell (Dell), Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ), and Lenovo.

HD 5900 shows up in AMD Open CL driver

Not sure what to make of it. AMD's recently released Open CL drives has given us something to think about. Among the new cards listed in the support sheet, including the fresh HD 5800 and HD 5700 series, the driver also mentions two HD5900 parts.

Frankly, we are not sure what to make of this. It is quite possible that AMD will brand the dual-GPU incarnations of HD 5850 and HD 5870 cards as HD 5900 series, dropping the previous X2 suffix, but this is merely speculation.

AMD’s DirectX 11 game roadmap surfaces

Eight titles and engines promised for 2010 The release of the first graphics architecture to support Microsoft’s DirectX 11 has been followed with widespread adoption as AMD achieves a successful first strike in the next generation GPU hardware battle. Meanwhile, many eager consumers have been keeping close watch for any solid confirmations regarding software titles to successfully implement the new rendering API.


HD 5800 cards still suffering availability issues

Getting better though

AMD's recently introduced Radeon HD 5870 is readily available in most European markets. After a somewhat bumpy launch, distributors are starting to get new shipments and they are finally coping with demand. Speaking of demand, there seems to be plenty of early DirectX11 adopters to go around. Prices range for the HD 5870 range from just under €300 in Blighty to €315 or €330 on the mainland, depending on the region.

AMD Announces Open Physics Standard

AMD and Pixelux Entertainment announced a joint development agreement that is part of the AMD effort to greatly expand the use of real-time physics with graphics through the open source Bullet Physics engine. By encouraging development of physics middleware built around OpenCL™ and Bullet Physics, AMD and Pixelux offer a route toward physics simulation that spans game consoles, PCs and other hardware platforms.

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