AMD: GPU to Accelerate Servers

The talks about graphics processors powering servers have been around for the last three years, but so far only a number of special-purpose supercomputers take advantage of graphics processing units (GPUs) and their extreme amount of cores.



AMD chips at Intel's market share

According to IDC researchers, AMD has done a rather good job in 2009 and managed to steal back part of its lost market share from Intel. AMD's share has been shrinking for several quarters, due to a lack of competitive products, but it seems new processors offered at tempting prices managed to rekindle interest.

IDC reports x86 processor demand grew by record levels in Q4 2009, as shipments jumped by 31.1 percent sequentially. During the same quarter, AMD managed to recover some of its lost share. Intel's market share was 80.5 percent, while AMD managed to grab 19.4 percent.



Upgrading graphic card easy, even monkey could do it!!!

AMD published a new video about upgrading graphic cards. AMD says; "It's so easy, a monkey could do it!"

AMD Intros $99 DirectX 11 Graphics Card

Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday introduced a sub-$100 ATI Radeon graphics card that supports DirectX 11, Microsoft's latest collection of Windows technology for handling multimedia tasks, especially games and video.

The ATI Radeon HD 5670 gives many owners of lower-priced mainstream desktops the option of boosting graphics performance without spending a lot of money. DirectX 11 ships with Windows 7, but can also be installed in Vista.

AMD intros mobile DirectX 11 GPUs

AMD has announced a bunch of fresh DirectX 11 mobile GPUs at CES and the diverse lineup should be enough to meet anyone's needs.

In the high end AMD will offer a choice of three chips, HD 5870, HD 5850 and HD 5830. However, for some reason AMD changed the naming scheme a bit and the mobile 5800 series seems to be based on the desktop 5700 series. This will undoubtedly cause a fair amount of confusion, as most consumers don't really follow the mobile GPU market closely.

AMD readies four new CPUs

AMD plans to launch four new CPUs later in January, but don't expect to see anything revolutionary, they are just faster iterations of existing models.

The company claims the new Phenom II X2 555 BE dual core will be its fastest dual core CPU, but the three new Athlon IIs are also worth looking into, primarily the 635. AMD's cache-less Athlon IIs offer great bang for buck. The Propus-based 630 runs at 2.8GHz and costs under €90, which is truly unbeatable value for money. The 635 will continue the tradition and could easily end up being the CPU of choice the sub-€100 market.

AMD plans two six-cores in Q2 2010

We don’t have many details, but we can confirm that AMD plans to launch two six-core desktop CPUs next year. This should happen in Q2 2010 and if AMD holds on to this date, it might come a bit later than Intel’s Core i7 980X.

AMD’s six-core 45nm part is codenamed Thuban and it comes with 6MB L3 cache, C-state performance boost as well as DDR3 1333MHz support. As we said before, it supports AM3 motherboards and it should work in most existing models.

We don’t have any specifics about the clocks or what will be difference between these two SKUs, but we can confirm that they are planned.

HP spills beans on upcoming Radeons

Engadget has scooped up several leaked HP slides detailing new Pavilion all-in-ones and, more interestingly, AMD's upcoming HD 5570 and HD 5350 graphics cards.

The HD 5350, codenamed Evora Cedar, will feature 1GB of memory and HDMI, DVI and VGA connectors and it will ship January 7. The somewhat more interesting HD 5570 Jaguar will pack up to 2GB of memory and drop VGA in favor of DisplayPort. The availability date is January 20.

The HD 5350 will send HD 4350 and HD 4550 parts into retirement, while the HD 5570 should replace HD 4650, HD 4670 and to some extend HD 4770 cards.

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