AMD releases promised 10.3 Catalyst

Just for preview

Just as promised before, AMD has issued a Catalyst 10.3 preview driver, while the full release should be available sometimes next week. The new driver is available in two versions, one for desktop and one for mobile platforms. It supports ATI Radeon HD 2000, HD 3000, HD 4000 and the all mighty HD 5000 series, as well as its Mobility brethren with mobile version.

AMD, Intel Bringing More Cores to More Servers

Tuesday's big chip news was the introduction of Intel's new six-core Xeon 5600 chip, along with new servers based on the chip from Dell, HP, and IBM.

AMD's six-core Thuban

We had a nice photo shoot with working engineering model of AMD's upcoming Thuban six-core CPU. The upcoming Phenom II X6 Thuban is still in its early stages and AMD simply wanted to show that it works on AM3 motherboard. At this time the precise clocks or any info whatsoever haven't been disclosed.


"While AMD has pushed their GX boards as mid range parts, they still come with higher end IGP solutions. Today we have AMD's latest addition to the GX family, the 890GX. This motherboard comes with a 4290 IGP, which performs better than the previously released 4200. This should be a nice addition for users looking for higher quality on board graphics.

GIGABYTE AMD 6 Core CPU-ready Motherboard

City of Industry, CA., March 2, 2010 - GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and other computing hardware solutions today proudly launched their latest AMD AM3 Socket GA-890GPA-UD3H motherboard, delivering loads of performance enhancing bandwidth for applications such as high end gaming and high speed data transfer on systems featuring new AMD 6 core CPUs.

The first motherboard featuring the AMD 890GX chipset paired with the all new SB850 South Bridge, the GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H offers the industry’s first native support for Serial ATA 6Gbps

Intel, AMD and Nvidia In Ten Years

I've been a journalist/reviewer in the 3D graphics industry for over a decade. I can still remember walking through Fry's Electronics and seeing Western Digital's Paradise Tasmania 3D and actually getting excited about the Yamaha-powered graphics chip. Chris Angelini, the managing editor of Tom's Hardware US, and I go way back, with our first jobs in online journalism traced back to more than a decade ago.

AMD Interview

"Computer Ed interviews, Ian McNaughton of AMD. The focus is "Green Computing", Ed and Ian examine the Energy Efficient AMD Processors. Find out how it's done and what TDP means and how it works. Ian and Ed discuss what TDP does, how it works differences between AMD and Intel TDP's and much more, including Cool n Quiet. . This is an Interview even Enthusiasts will not want to miss. This interview is part of the "Green Series" of interviews and articles Hi Tech Legion and The Computer Ed Radio Show will be featuring for the month of February 2010."

AMD’s 12-Core Microprocessors Available

Oakville Mehlville Computers, a maker of custom servers and workstations from Missouri, has started to sell twelve-core AMD Opteron 6174 microprocessors for servers at an Ebay auction. The chips are not officially launched yet, even though the processors do not look like engineering samples and may belong to the first mass-production batch of twelve-core chips.

The manufacturer of custom high-end machines sells a set of four AMD Opteron 6174 microprocessors with 2.20GHz clock-speed, 12MB of unified level-three cache and 6MB level-two cache (512KB of cache per core). The central processing units code-named Magny-Cours have quad-channel PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333MHz) memory controller and are designed for socket G34 platform.

AMD’s answer to Fermi is Trillian

OC'd 5870 won't be enough

We learned that some of AMD loyal press (not us) got samples of a card codenamed Trillian.

Ever since the HD 5870 paper launch in Oakland, when we had a bit of an argument with ATI's PR chap, we never received any sample for them since we don't do what they want us to do. Well, that is called free press and I guess that we're willing to pay the price for it.

AMD rolls out Catalyst 10.2

Does it right this time.

As expected, considering yesterday's press release about its upcoming Catalyst 10.2 and 10.3 drivers, AMD has rolled out its newest Catalyst 10.2. Unlike the previous version that brough few improvements, Catalyst 10.2 is much more serious and it looks like AMD's plans to pay more attention to drivers are more than just words.

The new Catalyst 10.2 brings bunch of feature updates as well as few performance updates.

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