How to push a single core CPU to 5.5GHz

Sempron 140 and Gigabyte MA790X UD3P

Cheapskates of the world unite! On a more serious note, this shows that you don’t need loads of cash to purchase a blazing fast CPU, but rather get busy and push your CPU to the limits, even if it is a modest single core. has performed a nice little experiment to see just how much juice can one squeeze out of a €35 CPU, and the results are excellent.

Athlon II C3 stepping coming soon

Nine revamped parts

AMD is readying nine new Athlon II processor based on the C3 core revision. The refreshed CPUs won't bring major performance boosts, but they could deliver lower thermals and better oveclocking potential.

CPU World has posted several images of the new processors, along with part numbers. Three dual-core Athlons, 245, 250 and 255, as well as three triple-cores, 405e, 435 and 440, will feature the new stepping.

AMD wants to eat Intel's notebook lunch

Even the peanut butter sandwich

It is starting to look as if Intel's dream of protecting its notebook market from netbooks is going to fall flat on its face. Intel has resisted moves to make netbooks bigger and more useful but now it is starting to look as if it is failing. AMD, VIA and ARM seem to be targeting Intel's prize jewels and the world on the street is that they might just get away with it.

Giant roundup: 146 Intel and AMD processors!

Dealing with current news means that we rarely have the opportunity to review old products and of course a comparison between the most recent products and those that came out several years ago can get a little problematic. But we’ve decided to push the boat out and take as exhaustive a look as possible at the Intel and AMD processor offer spanning the last five years.

AMD readies new 45W Athlon IIs

3GHz Athlon 250e, 2.9GHz 245e

AMD will soon roll out a couple of new energy efficient dual-core Athlon II X2 processors. The company currently offers two Regor-based parts with a 45W TDP, the 2.8GHz 240e and the 2.7GHz 235e.

The new 250e is clocked at 3GHz, while the 245e runs at 2.9GHz, which sounds nice considering the low TDP. Mind you, it is possible that the CPUs are based on the new C3 stepping, but at press time we are unable to confirm this.

ATI Catalyst OpenGL 4.0

ATI Catalyst OpenGL 4.0 preview driver:

New Features:

Fully supports the OpenGL 4.0 specification on the ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series. 

Fully supports the OpenGL 3.3 specification on the ATI Radeon HD Series & ATI FirePro Graphics Adapters.

Download and install the ATI Catalyst™ preview driver from the following location:


When more cores are just not enough

"The CPU market is now flooded with multi-core and multi-threaded CPUs. We see them in everything from smartphones (with Dual Core Cortex A9 from ARM) to the highest end notebooks and desktops where the Core i7-980X is now king. But the question many people are asking is; what will more cores give me? - So let’s take a brief look at why even with 6 and 12 core CPUs in the channel we do not see better multi-thread and multi-tasking support in our applications and operating systems.

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E-tailer leaks Phenom II X6 prices

AMD's six-core Thuban processors will soon go head on against Intel's Core i7s, if prices leaked by Bahrain-based online re

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