AMD. Nvidia

AMD steals share from Nvidia

Closed in over the past year

According to Mercury Research, AMD has managed to grab some market share from Nvidia over the past year. This comes as no surprise, as Nvidia was forced to delay its Fermi architecture by several months and even after the new cards launched they were plagued by poor availability.

AMD believes Nvidia is no longer focusing on gaming

In a chat with Hexus, AMD's Senior Manager of Developer Relations, Richard Huddy said that Nvidia is apparently abandoning the gaming market to some extent.

Huddy compared Nvidia's and AMD's strategy, saying: "it appears NVIDIA is in a kind of sneering mode towards game players at the moment," adding that it was possible to diversify without abandoning gaming. He went on to say that gamers are good people and "well rounded individuals." We're not sure whether he was referring to their physique or character.

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