AMD HD 5970

The Fastest Graphics Card on the Planet!

"We all know that the crown for the fastest graphics card currently belongs to AMD's HD 5970, but AMD needs something better to pit against Nvidia's upcoming Fermi-based graphics cards. Today our eyes were blessed with new Sapphire HD 5970 card equipped with 4GB of memory, special cooling solution and some higher clock speeds."

Dual-GPU Radeon HD 5950 and HD5970 coming in November

Multiple sources are suggesting that R800, the card codenamed Hemlock, is going to come out in late November.

Samples are already out in the wild and, as expected, the TDP is definitely exceeding 300W. Once it launches, this card will finally take over the performance crown from Nvidia's Geforce GTX 295, but there is a big chance that ATI's performance leadership might only last a few weeks, since Nvidia is still planning to launch its Fermi card in 2009.

HD5950 and HD5970 cards will certainly assure the top spot for ATI.

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