AMD HD 5870


The AMD "Cypress" desktop Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has been available on the market (as the ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics accelerator) for over two quarters now. Since its release, the RV870 XT GPU part used in the ATI Radeon HD 5870 has appeared on a number of graphics accelerator designs other than ATI's own "reference" Radeon HD 5870. Notable examples include Gigabyte's GV-R587SO-1GD and the MSI R5870 Lightning, both being re-engineered iterations of the ATI Radeon HD 5870, complete with alternate power and thermal layouts.

ATI CATALYST 10.1 hotfix

Alleviates some of the intermittent grey screen and vertical line corruptions that may randomly appear during normal usage when using an ATI™ Radeon HD 5800 series graphics card.

Applicable Products:
This issue applies to the following configuration(s)...

* Hardware
o ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 Series
* Software
o ATI Catalyst™ release

* Operating System
o Windows 7® 32bit
o Windows 7® 64bit

o Windows Vista® 32 bit
o Windows Vista® 64 bit
o Windows® XP
o Windows® XP x64

HD 5870 CrossFireX performance in DiRT 2

ATI has been talking about DirectX 11 for quite some time and the reason is quite simple – Nvidia doesn’t have it and ATI does. Today, we decided to show some results that we got in DiRT 2, one of the few games that support DirectX 11. DiRT 2 works in DirectX 9 or DirectX 11 mode, and the difference is a lot of features that you can read about on the next page. For DirectX 11 mode you need adequate hardware, or to be precise one of AMD's Evergreen family graphics cards.

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