AMD Chipset

Bulldozer has chipset issues

"Bulldozer sample chips have been around for quite some time, but this time around AMD has decided not to show the new parts at Cebit 2011. Our sources pinned the blan on the chipset, which apparently has some teething issues, but they should be resolved in time for launch. The official story at AMD's booth was that this year the company wanted to focus on Fusion more than anything else."

AMD wants to support USB 3.0

Wining and dining NEC

Executives from AMD have been seen wining and dining their opposite numbers at Renesas Electronics in a bid to do a licensing deal on USB 3.0 technology. Renesas was merged into NEC and is the only manufacturer to have approval from the USB organisation.

AMD 880G Chipset Detailed

We've got our hands on the first AMD 880G motherboard and things are looking, well, a little old hat. On the new front though first there is the SB850 southbridge - the same used with the latest 890GX motherboards - bringing native SATA 6Gbps and finally RAID 5 to budget boards: all of which are a definite bonus. Most of the 880G boards we've seen details of so far have also had USB 3 too, which isn't unexpected either.

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