Man punches teen for using iPhone during flight

"A 68-year old man on a Southwest Airlines flight for punching a 15 year old for using his iPhone during the plane's descent, ABC News is reporting. The 15-year old was listening to his music and playing games after flight attendants told the flight's passengers to turn off electronics during landing. The teen didn't respond, and the man, Russell E. Miller, punched him in the arm. Miller was reportedly arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and has been released from police custody." | more

No More Minesweeper Or Solitaire In Cockpit

Tiring of pilots overshooting their destination by over 100 miles because they were busy fiddling with their laptop, the FAA has asked all airlines to create and enforce policies to minimize distractions in the cockpit.

"There is no room for distraction when your job is to get people safely to their destinations," said DOT Secretary Ray LaHood. "The traveling public expects professional pilots to focus on flying and on safety at all times."

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