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Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler Preview

"With a company like Thermaltake we are used to seeing a unique take on things and normally at very affordable hits to our wallets. In our preview of their new cooler, the Jing, we are going to see yet another product from them that is both unique and budget friendly, but also accomplishes them with very little noise, hence the name of the cooler. For those not so brushed up on their Chinese to English translation, the word Jing means Silent. Along with this silence is the overall theme of being “green”.

First glimpse at GELID Solutions ICY VISION

Preview: Multi-compatible VGA Cooler

We got a chance to try out GELID Solutions’ ICY VISION, a new contender in the heatsink market. This preview will show our first impressions and some preliminary test results.

Cooler Master V6GT Cooler

Looking for a CPU cooler that both looks great and still outperforms the competition? Your wait is over, as the Cooler Master V6GT combines a new thinking in CPU cooler design, yet doesn’t compromise on cooling performance.

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Thermaltake Polo Extreme (Socket 478, 462 & 754)  rated  by

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Thermaltake Polo Extreme (Socket 478, 462 & 754)



Polyethylene heat-conducting material

Most polymers — materials made of long, chain-like molecules — are very good insulators for both heat and electricity. But an MIT team has found a way to transform the most widely used polymer, polyethylene, into a material that conducts heat just as well as most metals, yet remains an electrical insulator.





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