Activision uninvites porn star from MW3 party

"Activision has apparently uninvited Dutch porn star Kim Holland from a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 party in Amsterdam. The gaming outfit was apparently unaware of Holland’s previous works, so to speak, and when it pulled her invitation shortly before the event. Writing in her blog, Holland said she was unpleasantly surprised by the decision and described it as hypocritical. Holland is a big fan of the CoD series and she seems to be a keen gamer. Holland then went on to question Activision’s moral priorities."

Activision to slash headcount by 500

"Activision will be making some changes as the company announced its numbers. Despite profits being up, the company will be realigning some things, which will result in a loss of about 500 jobs as the company makes some changes, with a heavy emphasis going forward on their electronic delivery and subscription-based services."

Activision: "Lose the chick," they don't sell games

Gamasutra penned an exposé delving into the lack of female leads in video games, and what they revealed probably doesn't come as a surprise to anybody...

Online subscriptions are the likely future

Charging for online play is coming soon
Apparently, no one was paying much attention when Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, said that he would like to create a subscription model for Call of Duty. He isn’t the only one that is talking about the fact that they would like to see the console online play model make a radical shift -- from free to pay to play.

Activision 'demanding' Modern Warfare 3, claims lawsuit

Activision created a "police state" and conducted secret "interrogations" inside Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward following the infamous West/Zampella incident, an employee lawsuit has claimed.

Nearly 40 current and past Infinity Ward employees filed the suit against Activision earlier this year - and after amending their legal documents they're now looking for $216 million in "punitive damages and unpaid bonuses," reports Kotaku.

Activision Wants Consoles to be Replaced by PCs

We live in a world where we have mul­ti­ple plat­forms for gam­ing. PC, PS3, 360, WII, etc. Each plat­form has vary­ing amounts of power when it comes to play­ing games. Games are released across sev­eral plat­forms and the plat­forms that have the weak­est specs or the worst con­trols tend to get the watered down, crap­pier ver­sions of the games released.

About 35 Have Left Infinity Ward, Says Activision

"Approximately thirty-five others" have left Call of Duty series creator and Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward since owner Activision fired the studio's two lead executives, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said today, with more expected to follow.

Did Activision Just Frag Itself?

The spat has all the plot points of a classic Hollywood throwdown: stars, studios, dueling lawsuits, secret meetings, and lots of money. Except this one isn't about movies. It's about video games.

No Doubt Lawsuit Against Activision

Last November, band No Doubt sued Activision over the use of the band's likeness in the form of in-game avatars being used in non-No Doubt songs.

The LA Times reports that Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kenji Machida ruled in favor of the band and denied Activision's claim that it could use First Amendment freedom-of-speech rights to cover the use of the band's images for general use.

Activision Is Shaken by Departures

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, one of the top-selling games of all time, has been a huge boon to its publisher, Activision Blizzard. But on Wednesday, the fate of that game franchise may have taken a bite out of its publisher’s stock price.

In an up market on Wednesday, Activision’s shares fell 3 percent to $11.90.

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