3dGameMan v3 Beta Coming Soon

3dGameMan.com has been in v3 Alpha for some time now, but we are pleased to announce that we're now moving to v3 Beta. This latest revision will have a totally new theme, integrated forums and much more. We hope to have a release for you to start surfing this coming Monday. We appreciate all of our loyal users and friends. 2010 is going to be a great year!

3dGameMan Forum Is Temporarily Down

The 3dGameMan forum is temporarily down but we are working on getting it back online ASAP. The database is so large we need to tweak it so it works properly. This could take some time, but we hope it will be back online next week. Until then please use Rodney's forum: http://www.rodneyrey...

One Month Anniversary! (RodneyReynolds.com)

Well, today, www.RodneyReynolds.com is officially one month old and already there are almost 400 forum members. While I expected this site would go over well, I had reservations about even starting it. One of the reasons was that it might pull away hits and/or members from 3dGameMan.com (my Tech site) which doesn't seem to be the case thus far. Also, for the fact that this site requires extra work and time is something I don't have a lot of these days. My main reason for stating his site was to answering people questions, question that I normally receive in my inbox.

You're missing 3dGameMan Videos

You may be missing some of 3dGameMan videos since not all of them make it to the front page. For example; the over 290 Q&A videos, giveaway videos, support videos and other videos. So be sure you check our 3dGameMan YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.c...

3dGameMan commenting system improved!

We have now removed the need to enter verification code for registered users when leaving comments on main site. If you are not a registered member you can still post comments but you are required to enter verification code each time. Remember, registration is completely free.



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