China launches first 3D TV channel

"China has marked the 2012 New Year with the start of 3D TV (Three-Dimensional Television) Channel service. After a trial run, the 3D TV will be officially put into operation during Spring Festival later in January. The first stations for the 3D trial are China Central Television, Beijing Television, Tianjing Broadcasting TV, Jiangsu TV and Shenzhen TV. 3D programs will be offered daily from 10:30 am to midnight.

3D could blow up in industry’s face

"According to PCR magazine the push into 3D is not really supported by evidence that it is wanted. The MD of Target Components Paul Cubbage said that it was difficult to see a mass-market application for 3D at this stage. He said that trying to convince the public that they have a need or desire for 3D TV will likely be an uphill struggle." | more

NVIDIA 3DTV Play Announced

 NVIDIA® 3DTV Play software lets you connect your NVIDIA GeForce® GPU-powered PC or notebook to 3DTVs using HDMI 1.4 for the ultimate, high-definition, big-screen, 3D entertainment experience. By leveraging the processing power of your NVIDIA GeForce GPU, 3DTV Play Software delivers the best your PC has to offer:

    * > Supports all HDMI 1.4 3D TVs any and any compatible 3D glasses system, including Panasonic® VIERA® Plasma HDTVs

Samsung Producing 3D TVs

Samsung Electronics announced Wednesday it had started mass production of screens for 3D LED TVs and 3D LCD TVs, a bold move forward in a technology some analysts say is too expensive for most people and could take time to become mainstream.

Samsung is the world's largest maker of flat display screens, and putting new technologies into mass production is the first step in lowering prices. The more a company makes, the less they cost per-unit.

"Recently, 3D displays have captured the industry spotlight.

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