USB 3.0 Flash Drive Has 2 TB of Storage

"During Display Taiwan, Transcend and Taiwan's ITRI displayed a finger-long USB stick that reportedly offers 2 TB of storage. That's no typo. It somehow holds up to 2 terabytes worth of information. So far neither company has released anything official in regards to specs or a simple introduction, nor does the high-capacity USB 3.0 stick appear on Display Taiwan's website. But as seen in the video below, the "Thin Card" thumb drive is even smaller than a thumb, measuring slightly thicker than a penny. It offers a minimum of 16 GB and a maximum of 2 TB."

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Western Digital RE4-GP 2TB Hard Drive rated  by 3dGameMan.com

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The Western Digital RE4-GP 2TB Hard Drive has a lot going for it. While it consumes very little power it still performs exceptionally well and has a massive storage capacity. Since this is a Raid Edition hard drive it's a perfect choice for a RAID setup. This hard drive is a brilliant option for a server, NAS or other other massive storage requirements. Watch the video to find out more...



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